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This collection invites us to be present and embrace our memories as a valuable way to recognize self-love. Having everything in life means being aware and enjoying now what we are building for tomorrow, without forgetting what happened yesterday.

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Trataka, or candlelight meditation, is a widely used practice where the goal is "gaze with contemplation" the flame, to achieve a state of relaxation where even the most nervous and unfocused people can improve their quality of life.

Among the benefits that this practice brings us, we find the most important for Sweet Magnolia Co. family: it reduces the stress and anxiety that society faces nowadays. It also improves our concentration, memory and mindfulness, by purifying the sixth chakra or Ajna, which is the one located right in the area of ​​our third eye.

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When we realize that life is about discovering the magic that lies in the processes, we give ourselves the opportunity to flow, transform, cleanse and heal. The goal is to achieve the balance and happiness that is sometimes difficult to find in daily life. Candles are not just ancient and energetic elements; they represent the fire that has always been seen as something sacred, it has always been a magical and mysterious element in many cultures. Fire operates in all aspects of our lives, both in the physical and subtle bodies. 

One of the most common colors in candles is white and it has a mystical meaning that goes beyond purity. From the spiritual point of view, turning on one of them opens a channel of direct communication with the universe or the superior divine energy in which you believe; so his magic is quite powerful. They symbolize new beginnings and their energy brings light and protection for the paths to prosperity and happiness.

Be encouraged to connect with our community and start this wonderful journey of consciousness and spiritual balance.

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