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We all have a story to tell and many to listen to. Sweet Magnolia Co. started in 2021 by Ana, the founder of Coconut Studios, a product design agency in Winter Park, FL.


For years, making inspiring illustrated candles was just a holidays hobby, until the unexpected pandemic shook the world and changed us forever. The uncertainty, anxiety and concern that many people went through was the trigger that prompted us to bring alive this project. Share healing energy, optimism and mindfulness through essences for meditation and yoga, will nourish each soul, will enlighten each home we reach; that is our purpose.


Our world is full of soft, kind colors, hand-crafted calabash bowls, and beautiful delicate plants — and our goal is to create real, unique and meaningful quality products that bring beauty and peace to your everyday.

Young woman sitting on the floor, lights candles, enjoy meditation, do yoga exercise at ho
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